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Who's been following me for a while knows that I approached false eyelashes only recently, but I loved them and now I can not live without them.

Madame Madeline for me is heaven! 

It is an American e-shops that really sells dozens of well-known brands of eyelashes and accessories: you can find Ardell, Cherry Red, Revlon, Eylure and many, many other brands.

There is a huge amount of false eyelashes and a great variety of styles and prices.

 I've had the opportunity to choose a model for the three brands among those proposed to me by the shop, and fortunately I was completely satisfied.

(For pictures please see the original post)

My choice fell on

- Sherani Natural Look Black 46

 (Small info: These lashes are sold from 2 packs for $ 5.58, less than $ 3 each.)
These are pretty natural lashes, suitable for everyday. Thicker and longer on the outer corners, these are the perfect length for my eye. The band is black, very thin, comfortable and flexible enough to adapt to any eye shape.

 I really worn them with any look and on all occasions, from grocery shopping to a day in college. They were comfortable and they did not lose shape at all.

I think they give depth to the look without weighing it down or being excessive. 
Definitely my favorite among the ones that I could try!

  -Miss Adoro #WSP Whispies $ 1.99

These are still natural, but they are pretty particular as you can see.
They're pretty short but they have some sparse longer lashes here and there, and these ones makes them so whispy and flirty.
 The band was a little longer than my eye, but it was very easy to shorten by cutting a little the outside corner.

Transparent band, lightweight, these are perfect with a smokey eyes.

It seemed the most unfluttering pair from the package, but they're suprisingly good. 

I just had to curl them with an eyelash curler to give them a little more structure, cause I found they were a little bit too straight.
But other than that they are really very light, natural and they give a beautiful sexy effect on the eye!

  - Red Cherry # 43 Stevi $ 2.99

I found them among the "Natural Lashes" cathegory, but they're a bit long for me.

Described as full volume, full length, to me they are not as full and voluminous, but it's not a bad thing.

They're not flashy or exaggerated, but less "every day wear" than the other two pairs.

These also have the transparent band and they're really comfortable to wear.

 I chose all the pairs made of human hair, none of these false eyelashes is synthetic.

They are very soft, very malleable, easy to wear with a little practice.

To me these false eyelashes are stunning, the prices are really affordable and I definitely will be purchasing from the shop.

The shop is good, really stocks all kinds of false eyelashes or accessories that you may need. 

The shipping  was pretty quick, even though its high cost, being an overseas shop.
Here it is the shipping info you will need--> Shipping Costs & Faq
I frankly think I'll buy to stock up my fave pairs, perhaps taking advantage of one of the discounts they offer, as those that I mark below. 

You may also consider splitting the cost with a friend maybe, and the problem is solved.

What do you think of Madame Madeline? Did you ever buy from them?
Let me know down below!!

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